DRYline® ATX Self-Adhering Flashing

DRYline ® ATX Flex Flashing provides class-leading protection against water infiltration at windows, doors and thru-wall entry points. Constructed with a highly-conformable film barrier and modified-butyl adhesive, DRYline ATX Flex Flashing exhibits maximum adhesion to irregular surfaces across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in all climates. DRYline ATX Flex Flashing contains no asphalt and is designed for application in temperatures as low as -10°F without the need for primers on most substrates.

  • All-Weather Application

    Designed for application in temperatures as low as -10°F and to damp surfaces without the need for primers on most substrates. See Installation Guidelines for details.

  • Strong Compatibility

    Non-asphaltic adhesive is compatible with flexible PVC window flanges and a wide array of sealants.

  • Seal Around Fasteners

    Compliant with AAMA 711-13 guidelines for preventing water penetration around fasteners.

  • Extensible Structure

    Micro-creped laminate stretches around arched windows and seals around inside corners in window assemblies, eliminating seams and gaps, which can create channels for water migration.

  • Extended Outdoor Exposure

    Formulated to resist excessive UV degradation for up to 6-months exposure.

  • Third Party Tested

    Compliant with AAMA 711-13 (Voluntary Specification for Self Adhering Flashing Used for Installation of Exterior Wall Fenestration Products.